Remodeling is an invasive and dirty process. Demolition dust often contains hazardous materials which can cause asthma attacks, allergic reactions, or worse. Dust in all forms can pose health threats to your family and pets, damage electronics, and get through your duct work and HVAC system.

We have spent years perfecting a comprehensive dust control system by combining the best products and techniques in the industry.

We start by quarantining our work space from the rest of your home with an assortment of dust barriers, zippered wall systems, plastics, and tapes. The first line of defense is an airtight seal.

HVAC registers and air returns are a critical point of dust protection that many contractors overlook. Ducts are costly and difficult to clean, and any contaminants in your ducts will be circulated throughout your home. We cover all vents with either an airtight seal or a filtration system depending on what is required.

Next we create negative pressure in the work area to ensure that all dust is unable to escape the work zone. Think of our quarantined work zone as functioning like a vacuum cleaner. The negative pressure continually draws in air through any small gaps in your windows and doors, making it impossible for dust to escape.

On top of all that, we run an advanced HEPA air scrubber from BuildClean, which is able to rapidly reduce 90% of the dust on a jobsite. Capturing and removing dust at the source while it is still airborne is the most effective way to eliminate it.

If your project requires us to access parts of your home that are still being lived in, we take great care to protect all surfaces with our arsenal of specialty drop cloths, floor, stair, and surface protection.