Kitchen remodeling in Louisville, Kentucky

Achieving the kitchen of your dreams is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you can do to your home. Kitchens become the central gathering point for family and friends. You want yours to be beautiful and inviting, yet also practical and an efficient use of space.

There are a lot of details to consider and selections to be made. Should you move a wall? Add skylights? It can be overwhelming to plan an extensive kitchen overhaul, and that’s where our experience in custom kitchen design and construction come in. From the design stage to the day we put the finishing touches on your brand new kitchen, we collaborate with you to achieve a kitchen masterpiece that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Designer Builders Kitchen Renovation Process:

Phase 1 – Planning and Design

We want to hear your ideas. Websites such as Houzz and Pinterest allow you to send your inspiration. An onsite visit will allow us to walk through all of your ideas for the space while considering structural options for opening up walls, joining rooms, or vaulting ceilings. Often, once we see your space we are able to pitch ideas you may have not considered. If your project involves an addition, extensive restructuring, or special permitting, our licensed architect will assist in the design phase.

Rather than a conventional showroom, we prefer to take you to the homes of our previous clients so you can see detail of our work in person.

This online budget calculator will assist in establishing your preliminary budget numbers. After our first meeting we can provide conceptual budget ranges to assist in your decision making process. Once we get into the design phase of your project we’re able to start focusing on specific numbers to fit your unique needs.

First, we draft a design, we combine all of the elements you want into a functional space that blends seamlessly with your home. We work closely with our custom cabinet builder from the beginning to ensure each detail works in harmony. We consider everything from appliance selection to fixtures, lighting, electrical locations, tile, countertops, and more. We take extra consideration in lighting design, the core of any beautiful kitchen.

details and selections

Project planning includes more than just design. We will consult with you on a livable remodeling plan. Where will you cook and eat while your kitchen is under construction? Where can we stage our tools and building materials without hindering your lifestyle? What unique needs do you have, and how can we accommodate them to keep you as comfortable as possible during the renovation process? All of these particulars are discussed before work begins.
Once all the details are ironed out and you sign off on your master plan, it’s time to begin the physical realization of your project.

Phase 2

Our first day on the jobsite looks a little different from most contractors. We start by introducing you to our team, so you know everyone who will be working in your home. Then before we ever pick up a hammer, we implement a comprehensive dust control plan. We take cleanliness and safety very seriously, as the health and comfort of you and your family are our number one priority. You can read all the details about our extensive dust and surface protection system by clicking here.

dust open

Phase 3

Once the entire work area is quarantined and all surfaces are protected, we begin dismantling your existing kitchen. While most remodelers subcontract demolition to general laborers, we perform the whole process with our in-house carpenters. This reduces the risk of accidents, as well as allows us to keep close tabs on our dust control and maintain a clean jobsite. We also prefer to dismantle things methodically, so any recyclables can be separated, and any usable components can be donated to Habitat ReStore.

Phase 4

With all of the debris removed from your home, we begin any framing alterations, roughing in plumbing, electrical, and HVAC components, and insulation. Anything that will be hidden inside your walls or ceiling goes in at this time. This process is a joint effort between our specialized subcontractors and our full time carpenters.

Phase 5

The final phase consists of paint, cabinets, countertops, trim, flooring, and appliances. This is when everything finally starts coming together into the new kitchen.