Custom Showers in Louisville

We have a reputation for building the highest quality and most beautiful custom tile showers in Louisville. From design and craftsmanship, to durability and warranty, we are unmatched. Our decades of experience, expert training, and commitment to using the best products available means we can craft the shower of your dreams.

Here is what sets a Designer Builders’s shower apart

In modern bathrooms the shower is often the centerpiece. The sky is the limit with custom designs, and you want it to reflect your taste. We specialize in configuring showers from the ground up to fit appropriately within your room while looking amazing. A licensed interior designer will assist you with tile selection, while working closely with us to ensure the structural design and physical format all works in harmony.

Designer Builders offers state of the art shower configurations using specialty products. We use the Schluter system exclusively, which is the industry leader in integrated shower systems and the only comprehensive system for vapor management.

We use frameless glass enclosures and doors, which provide a beautiful open feel. Traditional glass panels have ugly aluminum frames that trap water and are difficult to clean. Our glass enclosures are low maintenance, showcase your beautiful shower, and feature doors that swing both ways for easy access.

Monolithic shower pans provide a contemporary look that is not achievable with tile. We have the ability to place a solid polished concrete shower pan in any color you can imagine. It is the same fine concrete used for custom countertops. This design reduces cleaning, as there are no grout joints.

The vast majority of tile showers in the US leak within 5 years of installation. This is an industry wide problem due to a lack of education, use of inadequate products, and mistakes made during construction. Some of these failures go undetected for years as moisture builds in wall cavities and floor systems.

While most builders subcontract their tile work, we do our shower building in-house. We are trained in tile setting, waterproofing, and vapor management.

Fully enclosed steam showers are more popular than ever, but they present a unique set of challenges. They require a thorough understanding of vapor management and thermal control, as well as compatible tile setting materials. Our team members have completed multiple training seminars specific to the Schluter steam shower system. We offer an industry leading warranty in partnership with them. Don’t entrust your steam shower build to anyone who is not an expert.

Schluter products also provide us with total design flexibility. Curved tile surfaces, hidden drains, and floating benches are just a few of the endless design options. We encourage you to check out to learn more about them.

The Schluter shower system offers a 10 year warranty on water proofing. We conduct a 24 hour waterproofing flood test on all shower pans we build, prior to tile installation.