What makes us different?

Typically contractors function as jobsite managers, subcontracting their labor. Our philosophy of employing skilled craftsmen as the backbone of our team allows us to offer a superior service. Our small team of uniquely skilled professionals have diverse expertise which allows us to precisely manage every aspect of the project. From demolition to framing, trim carpentry and tile, dust proofing and painting, even cleaning – the experienced hands of our team will personally complete your renovation. See our bios page to meet our team members.

Due to licensing and insurance reasons, services such as plumbing and electrical are performed by industry professionals. We take great care in thoroughly vetting our extended team members. We have long standing relationships with everyone we bring into your home, and we demand the absolute best from all of them.

We understand how invasive a home renovation or addition can be. Your comfort, health, and safety are the top concern of everyone at Designer Builders. We go to extreme lengths to dust proof your home before we start the project. We are thorough about cleanliness and safety, as well as respecting your unique needs for staying comfortable throughout the process.

Read all the details about our comprehensive dust control plan by clicking here.

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Using the industry standard BIA (Building Industry Association) format, we take great effort to establish a clear contract, which includes a detailed scope of work and a list of excluded items.

We keep you up to date with every phase of the project and what to expect next. Streamlining communication prevents surprises, and keeps the job moving quickly. We encourage the use of email and text for added convenience and clarity. You also have the added benefit of our permanent team working in your house, so there is normally someone you know on site to answer your questions.

As our name suggests, we put an emphasis on designing uniquely beautiful and practical spaces. We offer flexible design options from basic renderings to full architectural services. We also take special considerations in lighting design. We will work with you to find creative ways to express your aesthetic.

As members of LIBA (Louisville Independent Business Alliance), we take pride in using as many locally sourced materials and vendors as possible. This not only keeps your money within the community, but it also provides an extra level of quality assurance. We have personal relationships with the vendors who will also stand behind the products in your home.

The most beautiful home in the world is worthless if it’s not built to last. We build above and beyond the industry standard to make sure the results will hold up to years of use. We understand the right applications for all the products we use, and how to install them for maximum longevity. We will coach you through the selection process so your investment remains beautiful for years to come.

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Most people have heard of green building and sustainable construction, but what does it mean? Basics include effective use of insulation, energy-efficient appliances, and LED lighting. Beyond this base-level understanding, many lack awareness of the concepts and materials behind an eco-friendly approach to renovation.

Such as:

  • We promote the use of very durable materials that will provide long lasting use and beauty 
  • We encourage a focus on the life-time or long-term operating cost of a particular material or system selection in an effort to make a more sound investment 
  • Skilled individuals deliver quality service and long-lasting products.
Building Practices
  • All demo material is separated and  ALL cardboard, metal, asphalt shingles, carpet and plastic are recycled
  •  We reuse and reclaim a significant amount of demo brick, wood, cabinets, etc. 
  •  We donate a large portion of reclaimed building materials to the local Habitat ReStore 
Local Material
  • We promote the use of local materials in an effort to support our own economy and reduce the carbon footprint of material transfer
  • Examples:
    1. Local oak, maple, ash, etc. for flooring and butcher block countertops
    2. Tile from Lawrencburg, KY and Crossville, TN rather than China or Italy
    3. Countertops: One option is a the use of locally-sourced recycled glass to make the most amazing and custom countertops
  •  We constantly review the packaging on the materials we use to help source their origin to better inform our clients of a sound choice
 Our Team
  • Stefan, the owner and President, was raised with a sustainable focus on life and building and has put together his team around this premise. 
  • Sustainable building is our way of life, not a trend. 
  • We all believe in this mission!
Green Office Practices
  • Recycled envelopes, paper, & files
  • Encourage email over fax or mail
  • Approx. 20% paper reuse
  • We buy Green power